Nowdays I am using Material Ocean theme like literally everywhere for every apps and I have became a huge fan of material ocean theme Here are some pictures and info about it.


So lets start with the materialized homescreen

Qs Tile

This is the homescreen and as you can see how much pretty it looks with the theme.


Oh yeah Material Ocean looks Classic

Neffex Cold

Materialized Spotify .. By the way I have been listening to neffex from months and really they are good .. My favoriate is Cold by the way as you can see still I am listening to that song 😃

How Do I Get This Theme ?

Just install swift installer from Play Store and set the background to 0f111a and for accent whichever color you want, by the way I am using cyan nowdays i.e 80cbc4
After that just confirm your changes and install the overlays && Enjoy!

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