Nitrogen OS which is also known as NOS among the users is a Aosp based Custom Rom, which offers a selected number of features while keeping stability in mind. Check Out its source code.
check out nos device tree and XDA thread for the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus on github or from the below icons.

Latest Releases

29 August 2019

  • Increase Zram size to 1GB
  • Fix System UI failed to go to doze
  • Build with latest Stable Dark Ages Kernel
  • Some NOS upstream changes
  • Other Fixes and Improvements
  • OTA is Rolling Out, Existing Users Can directly update

  • File Name: Nitrogen-OS-P-vince-20190829.zip
    File Size: 570.6 MB
    MD5: 823e548bce7696de1d73f578b1b2fb5d


    7 August 2019

  • Merged August security patches
  • Selinux Is Enforcing Now
  • Increased Rounded Corner Radius
  • Build with latest Dark Ages Kernel
  • Handle orientation and ScreenSize changes for TunerActivity
  • Rework navigation bar layout inversion logic
  • Use proper lock icon scale on dismissing notification panel
  • Offset battery circle frame by [-2.0f, 0]
  • Don't pad battery percent view when no battery icon shown
  • Set proper stroke when power saver is enabled
  • Adapt to AudioMix API changes in f/av audiopolicy
  • Other Fixes and Improvements

  • File Name: Nitrogen-OS-P-vince-20190807.zip
    File Size: 571.4 MB
    MD5: 02ebf882c0498bf9af86c1be33bd3803


    28 July 2019

  • July Security Patch
  • Increased In-call earpiece volume
  • Used 4G icon instead Of LTE & Used H+ icon instead of 3G
  • Enable Camera2api by default
  • Build with latest Dark Ages Kernel (without the profile)
  • Updated keylayouts
  • Blacklist camera on goodfix
  • Increase number of notification icons
  • Increased corner content padding
  • Set default hotspot name
  • Show DocumentsUI internal storage by default
  • Properly show battery icon in the QS header
  • Other fixes and improvements

  • File Name: Nitrogen-OS-P-vince-20190728.zip
    File Size: 571.4 MB
    MD5: ae317612065285b04c8b9990f95d0e7f


    NitrogenOS Based On Android 10 is Out

    Checkout Nitrogen OS 10

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