Its been like 3-4 months I was using nitrogen os pie as my daily driver ROM and also maintaining it for my device, and suddenly when the Android 10 released I got excited for trying it to be honest. So I was searching at github for taking refrence from other device trees so that I could compile Nos 10 for my device, and actually I found many important things and I finally compiled nos for my device, by the way you can check my github for all the sources.
I would like to thank Max (xyyx), wight554 (Volodymyr Zhdanov), Rahul, AmulyaX (Amulya Bhardwaj), blacksuan19 (Abubakar Yagoub) and Mal for helping me since the starting of the project from the pie times ( all are my good fams btw ).

About Nitrogen OS

Nitrogen OS which is also known as NOS among the users is a Aosp based Custom Rom, which offers a selected number of features while keeping stability in mind. Check out its source code Here

Qs Tiles
Qs Tiles Customization

These are some screenshots of nos, and the theme which I am using is Material Ocean

Although all links are in the XDA thread but still there are many people who wouldn’t notice So you can download it from here

For Downloads Check:


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