Operating System

Arch Linux with BSPWM Tiling Window Manager.


  • Kitty: Just a terminal emulator with images and Unicode support.


  • zsh: I use zsh as a shell, because of features like plugins, spelling correction, and approximate completion. I don’t mind using other shells though, as on my server I use bash.

    I only use vanilla zsh, with my configs. I don’t use oh my zsh because it is slow and has unnecessary stuff which I don’t need.

Text Editing & Programming

  • vim/Neovim: vim is a incredibly powerful and efficient text editor. The amount of stuff I’ve done in record time using vim is staggering.

Web Browser

  • Brave: A FOSS, chromium-based web browser with the ability to block ads and trackers by default.

File Manager

  • ranger: I mainly use ranger for just looking up files and bulk renaming. For operations like move, copy, etc. I use unix command utilities.

Image Viewer

  • sxiv: A hacker-friendly scriptable image viewer. It also supports animated GIFs, thumbnails, and slideshows.

Document Viewer

  • zathura: zathura is a minimal yet highly customizable plugin-based document viewer. If you want to make it read pdf, you’ll need a plugin for that and the same goes for other types of doucments like ps, epub etc.

Previously I used to use xreader, but now I’ve switched to zathura, because it just works the way I want it to be.

Media Player

  • mpv: Neat and simple interface video player which works perfectly with a wide variety of video formats and has all the customizations I need.


  • neomutt: Simple yet powerful terminal based email client.


  • syncthing: Serverless device syncing.


  • newsboat: A simple RSS feed reader for the terminal.


  • aria2: It is a all-in-one downloading tool. I use it for torrenting and downloading files from other websites.

  • ffmpeg: General purpose command-line tool for video and audio recording, and conversion. I mainly use it for adding subs to video files, concatenation, and cropping.

  • ImageMagick: I use it to edit, convert, resize or rotate images.

  • rclone: Command line program for managing files over cloud storage. Yes, a Swiss army knife of cloud storage.

  • youtube-dl: CLI tool for downloading youtube videos. Can download youtube playlists or even an entire youtube channel. It also supports downloading from many other websites. Technically, I use yt-dlp these days, because it has some additional features and it also fixes problems like buffering with mpv that I face with regular ytdl.